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Connected Store is the store of the future

Connected Store makes the omnichannel store a reality. Automatic stocktaking facilitates anti-theft measures. You will always know the precise location of your products and be able to minimise lost sales. Store layouts can be optimised based on customer behaviour and data like ‘capture rates’ and ‘dwelling time’ are readily available. Staff are able to choose the unit they want for tracking information about activities in-store and digital signage means that the correct prices are always displayed on shelves – prices that correspond to those advertised online.

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Based on our infrastructure, you gain access to a range of services to ensure great customer experiences and optimum operation of your store.

Customer data

Connected store allows you to build up a unique knowledge of your customers, who they are, what they buy and how they shop.

Market opportunities

Connected store provides you with new opportunities to apply price, location and bundling as driving forces behind purchase decisions in-store.

Satisfied customers

Connected store offers a purchasing experience in-store that ensures satisfied customers – who, in turn, provide increased sales and repeat visits.

Retail challenges

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    IT is business-critical for all retailers. This means that the way in which you approach your IT strategy directly impacts your competitiveness.

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    Customers use multiple channels that intersect and this challenges the role and function of the physical store. Omnichannel retailing makes great demands of consistent customer communication.

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    The most important competitive parameter is the customer experience. The customer journey has also become more complex. Precise application of IT is crucial to understanding customer behaviour.