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Innovative IT services for the energy sector

The digitisation of the energy sector is a paradigm shift that presents a wide range of IT challenges. We provide solutions that offer forward-looking functionality, flexibility, cost efficiency and high levels of security. You are able to focus on your core business and purchase the services you need from us – while our turnkey IT solutions tackle the challenges you face. Find out more about some of our industry solutions below.

Smart grid services

Responsibility for global climate change rests with society as a whole and will require wide-ranging changeovers in the power sector. The power grids of the future are facing fundamental changes to real-time data and status information while operational and delivery quality requirements are becoming more stringent. Our solid background in the power sector makes us an expert, innovative and forward-looking partner able to supply scalable services.

Smart metering

We offer a wide range of smart metering services. Since early 2008, we have managed communication infrastructure for 300,000 metering points and supplied validated and reliable meter data to our customers. We currently have a tried and tested operating process in place to support both collection of data and delivery of validated meter data. With our process expertise and operational routines, we are able to help establish a local operating environment or take full responsibility for operations during agreed periods. We use our own process tools for the collection and management of meter data. These are customised to processes that are vital for efficient management of meter data to ensure quality and reliability.

Meter data management

We offer the best data management solutions for meter data and advanced grid information available on the market today. By linking meter data and business processes, the grid owner achieves efficient utilisation of investments in metering equipment. Our solutions are flexible and support future technology and communication options. We offer multiple user support to ensure that grid companies are able to run joint operations and that the solutions can be adapted as SaaS.



Embriq offers a team of experts comprising extremely experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of the energy sector. Embriq provides consultancy services in the fields of processing, technology and architecture, and our consultants assist energy companies throughout the digitisation process by identifying and developing processes that ensure profitable returns on IT investments. Find out more about our consultancy services.


Excellent IT solutions ensure excellent security! We offer expertise in this area and our experienced architects and consultants regard security as an absolute priority in their design of your solution. You spend your resources generating business value for your customers while our solutions ensure that your data are securely stored and that your systems are never vulnerable to threats. Find out more about mCloud.


We offer comprehensive expertise in change management and integration that enhance business value and reduce costs. Integration is all about making services work across complex solutions and deliver the expected results. We are technologically pragmatic and apply the technology our clients prefer, but are always on hand to provide recommendations based on our wide-ranging experience. Find out more about our consultancy services.

IT operations

We are experts in IT operations! Our operations centres are among the most advanced on the market today and emphasise robustness, security and proactive operations. We have built up high-level expertise in managing critical IT solutions over many years and have laid the foundations for resolving any operational IT challenge. Find out more about mCloud.