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Your digital future

Embriq designs, develops and manages IT solutions. We offer services throughout the life cycle from requirement analysis and requirements specification to implementation, operation and management. Embriq adds business value for our clients through digitalization of physical infrastructure, smart choices and strategic use of IT.


Rejlers Embriq supplies services to clients across Scandinavia and has offices in Oslo, Halden, Drammen and Gothenburg. Embriq is an integrated expert company working in consulting, software and operations. Embriq forms part of Rejlers. The company’s annual turnover is NOK 260 million and Embriq employs approx. 130 people. Embriq distinguishes itself by its unique experience and expertise as well as products that are uniquely designed for their purpose. Embriq is an innovative company dedicated to achieving maximum business value for our clients on every single project throughout the life of the solution.


Our highly trained ‘Embriqers’ are able to work in the intersection between business and technology, something that drives innovation and benefits our clients. We work to recognised methods to ensure quality in all our projects. With our unique, cross-disciplinary expertise, we quickly identify problems and are able to apply our flexible solutions. With Embriq, you can be sure that we always prioritise the life of the product as we design, develop and manage your IT solution.

IT solutions of the future

This is our vision. Driven by climate challenges and technological innovation, the energy sector is facing a paradigm shift in which digitalization is key. The power grid of the future will be characterised by new and renewable sources of energy, local production and significantly modified usage patterns. This will require a different way of managing large volumes of data, real-time data and status information – while requirements for operations and quality of delivery will become more stringent. The same trend can be seen in other sectors that rely heavily on infrastructure.

Digitalization provides enhanced utilisation of resources. It is all about converting this for the benefit of customers, society as a whole and the environment. Simply put, it is all about – your digital future!