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State-of-the-art solution for efficient data management

Quant is the solution for the energy company of the future. Based on scalable, cloud-based services, combined with analytics tools for the operation of communication networks and power grids, Quant provides an effective solution for the modern digital energy company. Quant offers secure management and processing of data for a large number of digital metering devices and combines this with complete Elhub integration. The digital future is secure with Quant!

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Efficient Operations

Quant offers advanced features for the efficient processing of large volumes of Smart Metering

data. Automated processes ensure that all standard operations take place without the need for manual input. Only deviations are flagged and categorized by priority level.

The solution offers the most advanced features for the operation of meters, communication and services available on the market. A dashboard provides operators and other staff with an extensive overview of system status and intervention requirements. Search, list and map functionalities allow for the most comprehensive overview of the operational environment.

Analysis & Reporting

Quant collects, validates and processes data from a range of sources. Key analyses for operators, management and other stakeholders are presented in a modern dashboard supporting their everyday and periodic tasks. Quant has advanced querying functionality, user interface tailored for key areas within the energy sector, and an advanced reporting module providing both standard reports and customization capabilities.

Data Processing

At its core Quant offers advanced and powerful data processing capabilities, handling collected data from a range of sources and technologies. Data received are processed according to specific utility needs, supporting full VEE in accordance with the Norwegian Elhub specification. Data are available both using the Quant dashboard and through flexible, state of the art, integration capabilities relevant to business systems such as CIS. The solution is designed in a multi-utility mindset with the ability to process measured data from a range of sources serving different needs.

Integration & interoperability

Quant is designed to operate in a best-of-breed environment and integrations are handled in a highly scalable and interoperable manner by a separate module Quant Flow. Key responsibilities for Quant Flow includes headend integrations, Certified Elhub integrations and integrations with key business systems such as customer information systems (CIS) and work order management systems (WOMS).

Case study

Nettalliansen’s AMS project is half way to completion and is on track to meet its installation targets


In July 2015, Rejlers Embriq signed an agreement with Nettalliansen for the introduction and operation of new smart meters (AMS) for more than 180,000 households across Norway. The installation of meters is on track and 90,000 meters have already been installed. This means that Norway’s largest service-based IoT project is just over half way to completion and roll-out continues at a high pace. 20 of the 30 participating grid companies from all over Norway are already up and running.