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State-of-the-art solution for efficient data management

Quant is the solution for the energy company of the future. Based on scalable, cloud-based services, combined with analytics tools for the operation of communication networks and power grids, Quant provides an effective solution for the modern digital energy company. Quant offers secure management and processing of data for a large number of digital metering devices and combines this with complete Elhub integration. The digital future is secure with Quant!

Data management and analysis

Quant gathers and processes a large number of data elements from the energy company’s advanced metering systems. Data are analysed to ensure the most efficient operation of both the communication network and the power grid. An advanced dashboard presents status information for all the most important segments of the system.

Scalable and secure integration

Modern cloud technology offers a scalable and secure integration solution. Elhub’s prosesses for metering and marketing data are checked and processed in Quant. Efficient integration with Quant between system operators ensures the power company optimum business operations.

Automated operating features

State-of-the-art analytics and dashboards provide a quick overview of events on the network. Filtering and prioritisation are applied to give the user the most efficient management possible. A smart map feature provides an outstanding overview of relationships, prioritised incidents and error situations.

Quant modules



Quant MDM provides the best solution for the management of meter data and advanced grid information available on the market. By linking meter data to business processes, the grid owner achieves powerful utilisation of investment in metering equipment. The solution is flexible and supports future technology and communication options. The solution offers multiple user support to ensure that the grid company is able to run joint operations. The solution has also been adapted as SaaS.



On the basis of AMS projects completed by Embriq, we have developed Quant Control which offers significant AMS streamlining and risk management. The application provides the power company with control of all events in the AMS value chain and, based on automated features, important and prioritised operational information is presented quickly and intuitively. Automated features and process-orientated operations help to ensure that large volumes of data can be managed by a small number of operators.



Flow is a modern, cloud-based solution for managing integration in the energy industry. The solution manages Elhub integration for both power and grid companies as well as integration for KIS and work orders. Security and traceability are important features offered by this solution. Flow has been integrated with the most popular AO and KIS solutions on the market and can be supplied both integrated with Quant and other metering data systems.



All Quant software is also available as a cloud service. Embriq has long-standing experience of IT operations and management of applications for a range of enterprises. Depending on agreement level, we set up a solution to meet expectations and requirements in which security and stability are key. A cloud solution reduces the need for investment and resources considerably – while providing reliability and accessibility.

Case study

Nettalliansen signs ten-year deal with Embriq


Embriq has signed an agreement with Nettalliansen to introduce and operate advanced metering and control systems (AMS – smart meters). Embriq is to supply and operate a turnkey solution which involves new smart meters for more than 170,000 homes across Norway – provided by 30 grid companies.