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Intelligent IT solutions for enhanced traffic flows

IT solutions have become critical in ensuring streamlined use of transport infrastructure. These solutions provide environmental benefits, optimise efficiency and enhance road safety and are a prerequisite for the smart cities of the future. We supply solutions throughout the value chain for central government, municipalities and private operators in the Nordic countries where secure communication and reliable information flows are critical. We also manage road toll and parking payment solutions.

Make it work

As a system integrator, we take responsibility for the capture, processing and analysis of traffic data from a variety of sources and providers. We are also able to manage physical infrastructure. We ensure that high-quality data are supplied to the right place at the right time. Data sources include sensors, cameras, dynamic signage, toll points, noise meters and air quality instrumentation. We price and prepare data for analytical purposes – we are even able to complete analyses ourselves. Our solutions are generic and supplier-independent which ensures great flexibility in the choice of infrastructure, for example. Our solutions provide a comprehensive overview and control of the traffic situation, enhanced traffic flows, increased road safety and environmental benefits.


Road network and traffic infrastructure is critical for society and demands reliability and safety. These networks differ from standard office networks by having a number of distributed system access points. We design networks for secure and redundant communication in critical installations – and we offer a wide range of testing services to ensure safety and reliability.

Access control

The system that we have developed in-house manages access control to areas that require special authorisation, e.g. tunnels and industrial sites. The system checks that subcontractors and their staff have the correct authorisation for each defined area. This means that the system always knows precisely who is in each area – vital in terms of health and safety and fire and accident situations.

Connected cars

In the future all cars will be online – at all times! Connected cars demand completely new safety and network capacity standards to process data from sensors on the roads that may be needed by road users. We have the expertise to meet the challenges in this area and to ensure that data reach their required destination.

Case Study

The Norwegian Mapping Authority renews SharePoint agreement


The Norwegian Mapping Authority manages geographical information across Norway and operates the Norwegian Land Registry. Every year, 1.5 million properties are registered by the Norwegian Mapping Authority and 6 million searches of the Norwegian Land Registry are carried out every day. The Norwegian Mapping Authority operates more than 700 servers and has a data storage capacity of 4 petabytes.

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