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Safeguarding and sharing business information

Businesses need to store ever larger volumes of information. This means that more efficient storage solutions, management and utilisation of information are required. Powerful collaboration solutions are more than just good technical tools. It is also important to establish systematic workflows for these solutions – both internally and with clients and partners.


SharePoint is an advanced collaboration platform and can be used either as a cloud-based solution in Office 365 or an online solution based on SharePoint 2016. Key features of the platform include document management, version control, workflows, search and project/team spaces with full security and access control. Examples of business systems based on SharePoint include intranet, extranet, document management, project management and customised systems based on client-specific requirements.

Valo – intranet in a box

Our partnership with Valo means that we are able to offer a user-friendly, modular intranet solution which includes template-based presentation, news publication, social tools, Delve Blogs, video, events, search and administrator tools, language capabilities and much more. A forward-looking solution, it supports your Office 365 strategy 100%. Valo has more than 300,000 users all over the world and has won for the second time “the Best Intranet/Extranet Solution Award at the European SharePoint Conference“.


Collaboration services

Intranet solutions

SharePoint or Office 365 offers an advanced portal platform – either as an internal company intranet or as an extranet for key clients. Solutions may include news publication, document management, business intelligence, social tools and integration with other business systems.

Document management

Key to any in-company collaboration is secure archiving and retrieval of documents. The definition of useful document types, tags and metadata ensures practical safeguarding of all the different business files and documents. Secure storage and access are also critical features.

Business processes

On the basis of your company’s overall data requirements, we help you to define your solution from a life-cycle perspective – i.e. identifying the systems that need to be able to share information and the data that need to be stored for the required period of time. Key to this is a ‘governance model’ that defines who should take ownership of information and who should have access to stored information.

Social platforms

Effective communication is often about strategic use of social platforms. Internally, tools such as Workplace (Facebook at Work), Yammer and Slack are popular for engaging employees and sharing urgent messages. Externally, tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are key in profiling a business to its customers and partners. The technical ‘implementation’ of these is simple, but a set of guidelines is usually required to ensure the desired outcome.

Case study

The Norwegian Mapping Authority renews SharePoint agreement


The Norwegian Mapping Authority manages geographical information across Norway and operates the Norwegian Land Registry. Every year, 1.5 million properties are registered by the Norwegian Mapping Authority and 6 million searches of the Norwegian Land Registry are carried out every day. The Norwegian Mapping Authority operates more than 700 servers and has a data storage capacity of 4 petabytes.